Seller Pre-Closing Information

Seller Pre-Closing Information

Seller Pre-Closing Information:

Escrow officer*

First Name*

Last Name*



Address of property to be sold*

Is this transaction a 1031 Exchange?

1031 Exchange Company name*

Contact name*


1031 Exchange Company name

Contact name


Survey Information:

Is there an existing survey of the property*

If yes, have any structural changes been made to the exterior of the property since the
survey was done?

If yes, please explain the changes*

*Please provide a copy of the survey to us as soon as possible.

Seller Information:

Is seller a U.S. citizen?*

Seller’s Social Security or Taxpayer ID Number (To obtain loan payoff information and 1099S reporting):*

Seller’s Marital Status:*

Married-Both names are shown on contract

Married-Spouses Full Name: (if not shown on contract)


Single (Please complete applicable section below):

Single when acquired property and have remained single

Married when acquired property-marriage ended in divorce on or about filed in County, State of . (Note: Copy of divorce decree may be required for title examination and possible title requirements)

Married when acquired property-marriage ended in death of spouse on or about .

Spouse did not leave a Will or Will was not probated (Note: Please contact title company to provide additional information)

Spouse left Will which was probated in County, State of

(Note: Unless the Will was probated in the county where the property of this transaction is located, certified copies of the probate proceedings will be required to be recorded in the Official Public Records of the county that the property of this transaction is located.)

Lender Information: Existing Loan(s) on the property so that we may obtain loan payoff information.

First Lender Name:

Loan Number:*

Customer Service Phone:

Does the seller have legal counsel to prepare a Warranty Deed?

If there are existing loan(s) on the property, please sign below authorizing your mortgage company or lender to release payoff information to Hill Country Titles, Inc.

If Applicable:

A. Homeowner/Property Owner Association Name:

Contact Name:


Seller Closing Preferences:

Seller will close remotelySeller will close at the title companySeller will close by power of attorney*(* We will need original Power of Attorney to be recorded in the County that the property of this transaction is located)

I authorize Hill Country Titles to obtain payoff information from my lender.

Buyer's Signature*